westborough public library rendering

Preservation and Revitalization

Bringing new life to existing buildings is a challenge that drives and excites us. Changes in technology, and in the ways people live, work and learn must be reflected in the design of any project that adapts an older building for contemporary use. The Shrewsbury Public Library is a perfect example of a beloved historic building that was not equipped to serve the current needs of library staff and patrons.

The design integrated old and new sections of the building, with attention to finishes, carpeting, and colors contributing to a coherent interior look. Incorporating modern amenities with the historic building is also evident in the technology upgrades. Eight self-check stations throughout the building keeps people from having to wait in lines, and frees up staff time for more programming, teaching, and one-on-one interaction with patrons.

Key Contacts

Eric D. Moore



Robert F. Para Jr.



Kathryn Crockett



William S. Senecal

Project Architect

“LPA|A capably preserved our historic 1903 Jubal Howe building and incorporated a highly functional and beautiful major addition to the rear of our historic building. Notably, their design provided a building that is superbly serviceable, and strikingly beautiful.”

– ELLEN DOLAN, Shrewsbury Public Library Director

Hanover Theatre Revitalizes Neighborhood

In the case of LPA|A’s most widely recognized project, the restoration of the historic Hanover Theatre, transforming the aging and empty building into a state-of-the-art performance venue helped revitalize not just the building itself, but spurred further investment in the surrounding area, which has continued to expand in the ten years since it reopened.

Modern Architecture in a Historic Space

When LPA|A moved into the Northworks building in 2011, we had the opportunity to adapt the space to meet the needs of the firm while showcasing the historic character of the interior of a building originally built in the 1860s for manufacturing operations.

In Service to Our Community

Nonprofit Preservation Worcester has a mission to preserve sites and structures that are significant to the culture, history, and architecture of the city. Given LPA|A’s commitment toward that mission, the firm and many staff members have contributed in multiple ways to support the organization. Rob Para currently serves on their Board of Directors and played a key role in saving and relocating Stearns Tavern, which once again serves as a community meeting place.

stearns tavern