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Worcester Memorial Auditorium Re-Use Study

rendering of the worcester memorial auditorium at night

LPA is keenly interested in the preservation of the Worcester Memorial Auditorium and is involved in studying potential future uses. Constructed in 1933 as a monument to the veterans of World War I, the Worcester Memorial Auditorium is a building of enormous historical value to the City of Worcester.

Deborah Packard, Executive Director of Preservation Worcester, shared her thoughts on the Worcester Memorial Auditorium:

“The Worcester Memorial Auditorium is one of the most treasured buildings in the city.  Located in a prominent gateway, it is striking because of its size and beauty and significant because it serves as a tribute to the men and women who have defended our country in time of war.  Designed by Lucius Briggs for the use and benefit of people in the city, it served as an important gathering place for residents over the years.  Most long-term residents have fond memories of events – graduations, music concerts, sports events and much more.” 

 She further noted, “We want to see new life in the building and commend Lamoureux Pagano for designing a plan that preserves the past and embraces an exciting future utilizing the building again as a gathering space.”

(rendering by William J. Masiello)

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