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Third Graders Tour the City

Staff at LPA|A volunteered their time recently, serving as docents for third grade students from the Worcester Public Schools on a tour through the City. The program, coordinated by Preservation Worcester with support from Central Massachusetts AIA and Unum Group, invites students out of the classroom to see the City’s history through the lens of its architecture and to get a hands-on lesson in civics in the City Council Chamber.

LPA|A architects Leo Parker and Sean Brennan worked with Preservation Worcester to train as docents for the program over the course of several weeks. They were then in the classroom for a presentation to students in preparation for the field trip before finally participating in the tour through the City.

Sean had the opportunity to give his presentation in the recently completed LPA|A project, the Nelson Place Elementary School, and took the third graders from that school on the tour.

Sean said of the experience, “As a lifelong Worcester resident and architect working in the City, it is great to see students getting exposure to architecture and developing an appreciation for their home city. It was a pleasure to be able to offer my time and expertise to hopefully inspire more learning in the important subjects of history, architecture, and civics.”

Leo also noted how beneficial the program is for all involved, “It is fun working with the kids, seeing their enthusiasm for learning, helping them understand more about the built environment of their city, its history, and encouraging a sense of connection to their community. Participating in the Worcester third grade All America City program has been great.”

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