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Supporting the Modern Mechanics Guild

The historic Mechanics Hall is a premier venue in the City of Worcester, made possible in large part by the volunteers and donors who support the nonprofit charged with its stewardship. LPA|A had the privilege of assisting with much-needed renovation projects beginning in the 1990’s. The importance of the building to the region has inspired staff at the firm to volunteer their time in support of the organization over the years. Most recently, architect Natalie Gabrielle joined a group called the Modern Mechanics Guild, who are tasked with finding creative ways to bring people in and take advantage of the opportunity to experience the space.

“We are delighted to have Natalie as part of the Modern Mechanics Guild, which is a volunteer group of young professionals who are bringing fresh eyes and new ideas to the organization,” said Mechanics Hall Executive Director Kathleen Gagne. “Volunteer service is invaluable to us and I look forward to continuing the relationship with LPA|A for a long time.”

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