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Scanning Technology Provides Data, Aids Collaboration

Mike stands in a hallway looking at a free standing scanner with his ipad in his hands

Earlier this year LPA|A made an investment in new imaging technology that is proving to be a worthwhile new tool. The scanner creates a “digital twin” of a space or a building by projecting infrared lasers onto the floors, walls, and ceiling while simultaneously taking 360-degree images. This process captures an incredible amount of accurate data and useful information for the design team to reference while developing the design. The laser scanning model can be brought into the design software to build a model based on accurate real-world data.

It allows the team to view existing spaces as if standing in them, which aids them in reviewing existing issues in real time, helping find accurate solutions in an efficient manner.

LPA|A Associate Mike Williams has been the first in the office to learn and make use of the new scanner on projects for Quinsigamond Community College and Worcester’s Mercy Center.  Clients have appreciated the ability to virtually walk through the building while discussing concerns and goals for the project.

“I am looking forward to finding new ways to incorporate the results of our new scanner into our projects, said Mike. “The scanner’s ability to accurately capture a space and the ease in which we can share the information will lend to better collaboration for everyone involved in a project.”

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