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Preservation in Times of Change

It is often said that change is the only constant in life. With regard to the work that LPA|A does, the positive change that comes about through the adaptation and preservation of historic buildings makes this work particularly meaningful. There are buildings throughout Central Massachusetts that have stood through historic events, including major disasters and recessions; buildings that have endured changes that rendered them obsolete, then been brought back to life with a new purpose.

LPA|A often points to the restoration of the Hanover Theatre as a project that was transformative in a multitude of ways. As part of the firm’s history it was a landmark project that garnered national recognition for our team, but more importantly, it has impacted the economy and culture of Worcester by once again becoming the world-class venue that was lost a generation ago.

Preserving the architectural detail of the original building while equipping the theater with modern technology and comforts gives visitors to the space a memorable and special experience. Worcester’s resurgence in recent years has absolutely been helped along by being able to offer such an experience. While the theatre cannot currently offer this experience, they have announced the Covid-19 Resiliency Fund during this time when gatherings and performances are cancelled. More images of the historic theater can be found here.

shrewsbury libraryMore recently, LPA|A was honored to be recognized for the Shrewsbury Public Library with a Silver Hammer Award from the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce. This award recognizes renovations that bring new life to historic buildings. While the library was far from unused or obsolete, the function of a library within a community has evolved in the 100 years since the original library opened.

Unchanged is the need for places to gather, to share ideas and learn from one another, whether in the form of books, internet research, maker spaces or small classes. Creating spaces that can meet contemporary needs while also offering a glimpse into the past through the restoration of the historic building gives our communities the best of all worlds, and is an area of work LPA|A intends to continue as the world around us continues to evolve. While the library cannot currently be open to the public, they continue to serve as a virtual resource during the pandemic with online resources and telephone support.

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