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Mike Pagano Announces Retirement from LPA

After 43 years with the firm, ten of those as president, Mike Pagano has announced his retirement from Lamoureux Pagano Associates at the end of 2017. The leadership transition is already underway, with Executive Vice President Katie Crockett poised to step into the president role on January 1st. Katie will share management responsibilities with Principals Eric Moore, Rick Lamoureux, Jr., and Rob Para, Jr.

“It has been my privilege to work with Mike for the past 30 years,” said Katie. “And it will be my honor to continue and build upon the legacy that Mike has created at LPA over his long and distinguished career.”

Katie was recently named Executive Vice President of the firm and, in partnership with the other principals, has been involved in the leadership and management at LPA for many years. Mike’s announcement comes at the high point for the firm, with numerous projects underway and recognition for recently completed work being received.

Among the many highlights of Mike’s career has been the restoration of the historic Hanover Theatre in downtown Worcester. This project received national recognition and has helped revitalize this section of the city. Mike’s leadership in this and other historic preservation projects led to him being recognized twice with the prestigious Paul E. Tsongas Preservation Award, presented by Preservation Massachusetts in 2010 and 2014.

Mike has been the principal architect for dozens of K-12 public schools throughout Central Massachusetts in his time at LPA, making the firm one of the most respected school architects in Massachusetts. School districts like Worcester, Shrewsbury, and Wachusett Regional return to the firm again and again. As leader of the firm, Mike has emphasized the importance of providing the highest level of service and design resulting in client satisfaction.

Last year, LPA, with William J. Masiello Architect, had the opportunity to design the award-winning Contemplative Center for the College of the Holy Cross.  Just as Mike had begun his tenure as president of the firm, the College of the Holy Cross approached LPA to transform a section of their historic Kimball Hall into a 360-seat multipurpose assembly space known as Seelos Theater.  Over the following decade, the college returned to the firm numerous times for projects of all sizes and types, a testament to the integrity and high standards that the firm’s leadership has always exemplified.

Beyond the many successful projects over the years, one of the great legacies of Mike’s career is of enduring relationships and repeat clients. Cultivating relationships is an important component of any business, but Mike’s career has also been characterized by the development of lasting friendships.

“I am so grateful for the collegiality and friendship of so many talented co-workers, clients, and business associates that have defined the past 43 years, said Mike. “Moving on from LPA I intend to remain in Worcester and maintain the connections I have made as I seek a balance between work, travel, and service to the community.”

Mike’s legacy in community service is one that he will carry on personally after retirement, but will also be carried on by LPA. From founder Dick Lamoureux to Mike Pagano to Katie Crockett, leadership at LPA has emphasized the importance of giving back, and being a force for positive change in our communities. Mike has offered the services of the firm to many nonprofits over the years, including the pro bono design of the St. John’s Food Pantry and the Korean War Memorial in Worcester.

“Thanks to Michael and his firm, the completed memorial has gained national acclaim for its attractive design that enhances and is successfully integrated with the renewal efforts in downtown Worcester, said Worcester businessman and philanthropist Frank Carroll. “Mr. Pagano and his firm have a great sense of commitment to Worcester which he continually exhibits with each project in which he is involved.”

The high standards that Mike has set through his example are a deeply ingrained part of the culture at LPA and will continue to be primary among the firm’s core values in the future.

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