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Letter from the President

We have a number of significant projects underway, some new staff on board, and a leadership team that is ready to take on new challenges. I wanted to take this opportunity to share a little bit about the management team, since we have a new strategy in place for the coming year.

Principals Rick Lamoureux, Eric Moore, and Rob Para, and myself have been working together for decades and have been fortunate to have the opportunity to develop into a team that supports and complements each other. The roles that we have moved into upon Mike’s retirement are a natural next step in our collective and individual careers. Each of us is taking the lead on different aspects of managing LPA, while leveraging the expertise and strengths of the team as a whole.

In my role as president, I will take the lead on the strategic vision and direction for the company, developing and maintaining client relationships, and developing LPA’s human resources. These responsibilities are a natural outgrowth of my passion for staff development and relationship-building, and have been important components of my work for many years.

Eric Moore, who first joined the firm in 1989, is now the firm’s design lead. With his dedication to upholding the highest standards of design and the expertise developed over countless projects, he will provide advice, direction, and oversight for all of LPA’s designs.

Rick Lamoureux has been at the firm longer than anyone else on staff, with 33 years at LPA. Rick manages production and scheduling of staff, and oversees the company’s financial operations. Rick’s knowledge and skill in how to best resource a project and his attention to all the details that keep our work on track are critically important to the firm.

Rob Para, with his expertise in construction administration, site issues, and project management, offers his advice and oversight in the areas of construction administration and owner’s project management. He is also taking the lead on ensuring that lessons learned are documented and shared in an effort to continually improve.

The overall strategy and intention of this distributed management structure is to both leverage the strengths of the team, but also to ensure that each of us can continue to remain directly involved in projects and continue to do the work that excites us and enables continual learning and growth, both as individuals and as a firm. We are looking forward to many new challenges in the months and years to come!

-Katie Crockett

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