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Celebrating LPA|As 50th Anniversary

Heading into 2020, we were busily making plans to celebrate a highly anticipated milestone for LPA|A – 50 years since the firm’s founding. An open house was penciled in for the fall, an in-office display was designed to showcase our history for staff and visitors to the office, and we dug through the archives to locate some early photos of people and projects to share. While the ways in which we ultimately were able to celebrate this anniversary had to be adjusted, we have been no less excited to celebrate our 50th anniversary.

One of the ways we commemorated this anniversary year was with a publication developed in partnership with the Worcester Business Journal and the sponsorship of many of our business partners. It tells the story of the firm, including the many people and projects that have defined us. Our hope is that it shows the impact the firm has had on the region and the many ways we have tried to make our community better each day. If you missed it, you can find it here.

Community service is a core value for the firm and has been since our inception. In a year where the community’s needs have unfortunately grown, LPA|A made a commitment to increase our annual contributions to local nonprofits and staff have been as committed as ever to volunteerism. Participation looked a little different this year, with most meetings taking place remotely, but the work continued, with only minor interruptions.

With fifty years of work all centered in and around Greater Worcester, LPA|A’s impact on the region is substantial. We often encounter surprise when people learn how many buildings throughout the region are a part of LPA|A’s portfolio. We decided to share a bit of our history through social media, featuring a project a week and covering all five decades and beyond. You can see all the projects through the social media links below.

Of course the celebration of our 50th anniversary is not just about looking back and honoring our history, but celebrating where we are and taking the opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to building on that legacy. As 2021 begins, there is a great deal of optimism for a new year and new opportunities to make our community better through our daily work.

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