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“Story of a Building” Uses Auburn Middle School for Case Study

The MSBA offered a full-day seminar as part of their “Story of a Building” series to share lessons learned through the Auburn Middle School project related to building systems. LPA|A’s Eric Moore, who had served as the project architect, helped lead a tour through the building and participated in a panel discussion, along with Joseph Fahey, Director of Facilities and Maintenance; Ben Murphy, OPM from Skanska; Dave Fontaine Jr of Fontaine Brothers; Kevin Seaman from Seaman Engineering; and Jeremiah Auclair, Control Systems Project Manager from Grodsky.

The panel was moderated by Auburn Public Schools Superintendent Maryellen Brunelle, who said, “This is a story, I am very pleased to share, that has an extremely happy ending, and this beautiful state of the art facility is proof positive of that fact.”

The audience was primarily comprised of school facilities personnel from across the state and was focused on maintenance and operations of building systems including lighting, HVAC, public safety and other systems and equipment.

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