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LPA|A Staff Volunteer for Worcester’s Upward Bound

LPA|A staff members Peter Caruso and Natalie Gabrielle volunteered their time in support of Worcester’s Upward Bound program, recently serving as judges for participants’ final presentation at the end of their seven-week summer program. The Upward Bound Program, funded by the US Department of Education, operated by nonprofit Y.O.U, Inc serves students from the Worcester Public Schools, providing a college and work experience, in coordination with Clark University and Workforce Central.  To qualify, students must be the first generation of their family to attend college and exhibit great potential to succeed in college. Natalie gave her time over the course of the summer, offering her expertise in support of the students and instructors.
Natalie said of the experience, “I really enjoyed volunteering for the Upward Bound summer course. The soon-to-be high school juniors were working on a design of a community center for a futuristic city as a way to have real-world application of geometry and algebra concepts. Using my academic and professional experience as an architect, I helped the instructor with the process and methods for the students as they worked on their design project. I gave students an overview of design drawings and scale drawing, attended their mid-course presentations, and particularly appreciated having the opportunity to sit in on their final presentations at Clark.”

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